Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breakthrough Performances

Ryan McGinley shot New York Times' Breakthrough Performances and I have to say, he did a fucking AWESOME job. The article exudes talent.

These are some of my favorite shots. I guess my love for Paul Dano extends outside my love for his performance in There Will Be Blood.

See the behind the scenes video Shooting Stars from the photo session.

Drinking That Haterade

Since the cool new thing in blogging is writing about APC'S amazing fucking Spring '08 collection, I guess that means I have to jump on board and agree that the new APC line is almost as good as Joy Division's "Dead Souls," which is what I'm currently listening to.

Sadly, I can hardly afford rent, let alone clothing, let alone clothing that costs more than $100 so I'll just continue to hate everyone that doesn't have student loans to pay off. NYU called me asking for money tonight and I told them they're the reason I have none.

Last night I saw No Age and The Liars (or just Liars) at Warsaw. No Age, Liars' first few songs and the pierogies I housed were the highlights of the evening. Sadly enough, the beers were $5 a piece which is expensive for Brooklyn's standards. I find myself hating Manhattan and wanting to be in Brooklyn on a daily basis. And because I'm a misanthrope, I'll continue to do so. Manhattan has replaced everything cool with a bunch of expensive shit. And the graffiti is way better in Brooklyn. As Guru puts it, "never take no shorts because Brooklyn's the borough."

I'm blogging instead of watching the Grammy's because I couldn't care less about that shit. It's a masquerade of a bunch of artists that have no contribution to my daily existence. Unless Biggie and Big L are resurrected or Fugazi reunites, you can keep your Beyonce and Fergie and Kenny Chesney and I'll happily internet the night away.

Like, how the fuck is it 10:15pm right now?!