Monday, May 5, 2008

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Devorah Sperber recently had an exhibition called Mirror Universe at the Caren Golden Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea.

The above is made out of BEADS. My mind was blown.

Spock & Kirk made out of chenille.

A few words about the show from Caren Golden's webpage:

The title, Mirror Universe, alludes to the 1967 Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror in which a transporter mishap swaps the crew of the Enterprise with evil counterparts, trapping them in a “savage parallel universe.” The concept of a mirror or parallel universe is a dominant theme in the show, and, in keeping with this metaphor, many of the works incorporate mirrors to view the work. For Sperber the exhibition is an opportunity to look at the relationship between popular science and art, and how they relate to larger metaphysical issues. In particular, she is interested in how consciousness and the act of seeing create the illusion of a stable, predictable, singular world.


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integrated said...

I saw this and it was dope