Monday, July 7, 2008

Diplo & MDC

For those of you that know me, you know that I have a huge crush on Diplo AKA dj/producer extraordinaire.

As if his amazing taste in music, his fast fingers (he had the best f**kin fingas I eva had! not that I'd actually know, I just love to quote Kids ad nauseam), and his superb dj skills were not enough to keep my eternal flame for the man burning, he recently posted this picture on his myspace:

In high school I suppose I was a bit of a "punk." I mean, in spite of some the shitty bands I listened to, I did in fact go to shows at Coney Island High on a near regular basis until Giuliani shut it down while I was at sleepaway camp (street cred, son). I wore lots of pins and patches on this Dickies workshirt-turned-jacket (my favorite patch was the Anti-Flag one with a picture of Hitler, Lenin and George Bush Sr. that said "Their System Doesn't Work for You" - teachers LOVED this one). My friends and I also had a 'zine (which only went to print once but it was the thought that counted) called Misconception where we shit talked all of our white-hat wearing peers and got into a bit of trouble, partly for soliciting (we were charging $1) but especially for the image on the cover which was a picture of an eight year old African child holding a gun to another 8 year old's head.

Apart from all this, I also listened to a bunch of shit that virtually no one else listened too or had even heard of, except for Joe A. who was on the same bus as me and Pete Ballesty (what happened to him?) as well as Colonel K. One such group was MDC, and the particular song of interest was "John Wayne Was a Nazi." With lyrics like "John Wayne was a Nazi/ He liked to play SS/ Kept a picture of Apolph/ Tucked in his cowboy vest," it's no wonder my parents didn't necessarily approve of the music I listened to but HEY! I was socio-politically conscious!

Back then, I was seen as an outcast because of the way I dressed and the music I listened to, but looking back I'm glad I was as weird as I was because it just makes the non-existent bond between Diplo and I that much stronger.

Wow, I'm a creep.

For more on Diplo, check out Mad Decent's webpage.

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