Monday, September 8, 2008

Colette X Gap

I wish I could be happier about this but the fact that Colette has partnered with The Gap for their concept store on 54th Street and 5th Avenue makes me sad. I used to think Colette was the coolest store, but now, ehhhh... not so much.

It would be entirely different if Colette had partnered with a notoriously New York store. I'm thinking something like Canal Jeans or Yellow Rat Bastard (as mediocre at best examples) would have been more appropriate; engage a store that is specifically New York City and not a chain. However, I think because the Gap isn't doing so well financially, they are attempting to up their cool quotient (and yes, I think I'm cool because I just used the word quotient). This is due, in part, to their competition with European chains like Zara, where lines are constantly being updated, clothing is affordable, and the quality is good enough to last you through a couple of seasons. American chain stores let the same merchandise sit on shelves for seasons at a time. GAP, YOU ARE SO GUILTY OF THIS.


Why do we have to saturate the market with such commercial crap? I want my cool Colette back ASAP. But I must confess, even though Colette's Gap partnershp is disappointing, I do wish I wasn't so goddamn mothaf**kin' broke so I could buy that wonderful Longchamp gem of a bag.

Merci et au revoir.

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