Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reunion Show

If I could organize a reunion show I would pick a double headliner with At the Drive-In/Fugazi. The opener would be Q and Not U.


It is imperative that I see the 'headliners' perform live before my time is up. I've essentially come to terms with the fact that I'll never see ATD-I live, a once painful realization, being that it's been at least eight years since their last album. Along with the fact that every 'side project' they've done interests me very little.

But let's talk about Fugazi. FUGAZI. My favorite fucking band of all fucking time. All members are still on amicable terms and are just pursuing other ventures, such as making babies and things of that nature. All are still involved in music and even collaborate with one another. I'm waiting for the day that they get back together, and in my heart of hearts I feel like it is bound to happen.

When it does, rest assured I will be there.


Stephanie Palumbo said...

remind me to tell you about when shane interviewed joe lally and asked him about that.

FabianIsSoooooHotAndCoolAtTheSameTime said...

I can't believe that you haven't seen Fugazi.... ever! You really don't have any excuse. They were definitely still touring when you were 13. Seen them 10+ times. Total cost $50. Priceless. Dollar-for-dollar, the best live band ever.

MELISSA said...

i need to know what joe said. NEEEED. and i hope it's an answer that makes me happy!

ShatteredMonocle said...

Fugazi was the first live band I ever saw. It was a surreal and life-affirming experience that I will never forget.