Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Once, when I was eating dinner in Rome (in 2004), I spotted a very beautiful Spanish woman wearing a floral dress and fingerless driving gloves. Ever since, I have had a serious crush on driving gloves of all varieties. Upon returning to Madrid (where I was living at the time), I found an amazing pair of driving gloves at the ubiquitous El Corte Ingl├ęs. Fast forward; I lost those gloves I loved so much a couple years later after the Rockfeller Center tree lighting.

A new pair of driving gloves subsequently made their way into my life, they were a gift. They didn't fully compare to my OG jumpoffs, but they were a good enough substitute. I wore them endlessly for about two years; I repaired them and sewed them more than once when the seams on the fingers began to unravel. Then, October of this year hit hard and I needed something sturdier, better. I found a solid pair of lined driving gloves that are ideal for winter at Club Monaco. But I wasn't ready to part ways with the broken-in pair I toted around since that unfortunate night at the tree lighting.

The other night before heading out (in typical fashion), I decided to cut the fingers off my old pair of gloves. Now I have fingerless driving gloves, too. They look just like that lady's who inspired me that one night in Rome.

And if you don't know, now you know.


TheGhostAcademy said...

Cute gloves but I think I love your watch even more?! :D

M E L I $ $ A said...

thank you! i just bought it for only $25!