Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Not only does work suck because they blocked my ability to blog on the job (I can look at blogs, but they blocked my access to, cabrones), but it also sucks because I'm forced to look like a corporate tool five days of the week. I wear suits everyday and pearl earrings and I hate it. I have to wear heels around the office which makes me never want to wear them on the weekend. I'M BEING OPPRESSED!


In an effort to live more comfortably in spite of the restrictions work has imposed on my life, I am able to update my blog by using remote pc. As for the clothes, what you see is my after-work outfit which will be on my body at no later than 5:30PM. I've said it before and I'll say it again, DAMN THE MAN (but please don't stop my paychecks).


Jordan a.k.a JDUBS said...

Come back to Yelp, everybody misses you alot.

Amanda said...

dude that was my life when i worked for estee lauder years ago. they were SO corporatey down to how we kept our desks- i didn't last long needless to say.