Thursday, June 2, 2011


So, I don't think I'm a man repeller just for the simple reason that I have an ass that won't quit, so even if I try to hide that thing with loose layers and utility jackets and the like, it's still there for all to see. HOWEVER, my boyfriend complains about my wardrobe from time to time and doesn't quite grasp the current trends that I have been known to approach from time-to-time (such as baggy, cropped tees, partially tucked-in shirts, blazers FOR DAYS, etc.). I try and tell him that it's all in the name of fashion, but I think men prefer the Guess-mid-90s-look (aka tight and revealing) to the current trends sweeping Manhattan and the rest of the world today.

After numerous conversations and tutorials (ie. 'see, she's also wearing a pregnancy shirt?' & 'Even Kate Middleton loves blazers!), I found my guru. She comes in the form of a witty and fashionable lady from Manhattan's very own Upper East Side (xoxo). And, she has a blog. Meet The Man Repeller.

Dear Man Repeller: I love you. Thank you.

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