Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Breaking News!

I love online new sources like CNN and New York Times. They make headlines out of bullshit. For example, today there was an article posted on, taking over their homepage about how Bush calls Iran a "threat to world peace." Does this REALLY deserve front-page attention? Don't we already know this? And isn't the biggest threat to world peace George Dubya himself?

Instead of addressing topical and applicable issues, George W. seems to be a pro at stating the obvious, "don't blow our warships up, there will be severe consequences." Furthermore, why does he always have to be so goddamn preemptive? To merely instill fear? Or is it because he lacks the knowledge to go further and has to rely on his wonderful Cabinet before he can provide any suitable evidence against our 'enemies.'

It's sad because the New York Times has lost a great deal of credibility, especially in the past few years. Newspapers and reporting has gone the wayside. Journalists and critics can talk about the negative/positive effects blogging has had on mass media, but I don't see anyone IN the mass media actively trying to stir things up. Why all the apathy?

Viva democracia.


brassbonanza said...

My hand is raised too. The new banner is ill!

K said...

I'd argue that Dubya himself is not a threat to world peace. He is the ringleader of a gang of short-sighted, hot tempered individuals who could end the world tomorrow,if they so desired. And that's what I'm really scared of.

The Royal Me said...

Bitch! Write something!