Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's Get Metsmerized!

Monday morning, March 31, 2008, I left my apartment around 8:00 AM for work. As I made my commute to work on foot, I could feel a buzzing energy in the air that put a little hop in my step and turned my glare into a slight smile. I like to call this newfound energy "The New York Mets Baseball Season Has Begun and We Will Win the World Series This Year."

After an extremely trying season last year (I know, I've heard it all before, thanks) and an exhausting defeat in the playoffs the year before, The New York Mets have a lot to (not) live up to (depending on how you look at it, it's like the glass being half-full, and in my eyes it's filling up baby!). Being the hardcore Mets fan I have been since the Gary Carter days, I have never stopped believing... even during the most trying times, like when a certain pitcher named Glavine gave up 9 runs in the first two innings of a game that would make or break it for us (not that I'm blaming him). P.S. He broke it, and yes I cried.

Let's be honest, the Mets had virtually no pitching last year. Maine was the only consistent pitcher and we got by for a great part of the season on smoke and mirrors, And we STILL ran shit (disregarding the downfall that is called the last ten games of '07 Mets baseball). I must admit, have not seen anything more beautiful than Johan Santana in a Mets jersey, Maine is looking great and Ollie pitched an incredible game last night against the Marlins. Even without Pedro Martinez, I am confident that our pitching will take us places. And when I say places I mean the 2008 World Series Championship.

Apart from great pitching, David Wright has already played three ridiculous games. And in case you didn't know, David Wright is the new Derek Jeter. Only better. Yeah, I said it.

To conclude, Mets baseball motherf**kers! We are going all the way, I feel it in my bones. My life feels complete and spring has officially begun. AH-MEN.

Listen to the Let's Get Metsmerized song here courtesy of Jay Smooth's awesome blog/webpage, Hip Hop Music.

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See you in the Series! YANKEES BASEBALL!