Thursday, June 12, 2008

L'amour c'est tout

Love is All is playing at Cake Shop tonight as a part of NYC Popfest 2008. I can't go because I have other obligations but they are really the only band I would actually care about seeing on the Popfest bill.

I love this lo-fi thing that's been taking over music as of late. It's just so refreshing to be into music again. I seriously haven't been into music like this since Q and Not U started playing shows around 2001-2002 (and I may have previously said that but my memory is bad, sue me). Jon Pareles writes this about Love is All:

Josephine Olausson, the singer for the Swedish band Love Is All, may be the world's most antisocial party girl. The songs on its debut album, "Nine Times That Same Song" (What's Your Rupture?), are perky-to-frenetic new-wave stomps, flecked with saxophone squeals or 1960's pop harmonies when the band stops trying to be the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But Ms. Olausson doesn't play easy to get; in song after song, she insists she wants to be alone — and even when romance is a possibility, she expects to end up that way. With music this frisky, that seems unlikely.

I wouldn't exactly compare them with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs given their sound is incredibly different and the one similarity is that there is a woman who fronts the band. However, if you like them you should check out Cheveu (I feel like I'm on their street team or something the way I push that band) & No Age.

Best band to come out of Sweden since The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Not as well-dressed but in music that's sometimes irrelevant.

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