Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'll bring the HOT SAUUUUCE

It's been a minute since I last updated PUBLIC WITNESS PROGRAM. In between Hannukah, Christmas (my first ever!) and Festivus, the shopping, the wrapping and crafting have subsided and I can finally resume blogging, a verb I'll never be completely comfortable with.

Wheelhouse Pickles in Brooklyn have something they call Minor Threat Hot Sauce. Though I'm not really that interested, I have to admit that I like their proposed logo for the sauce:

Minor Threat shot that shit down, obviously.

I like the idea of vacation. Two days off and I got to leave early today. At my old job I only had Christmas off, at the new spot I got Christmas Eve, Chirstmas, and New Years Eve (Day? Does this even belong here?). I have been fantasizing about vacation but these two little puentes* give me just enough time to do nothing but indulge in hobbies I have almost forgotten (shopping) without really doing damage to my bank account like a real vacation would.

Optimism is a hell of a drug.

*The word puente is Spanish. In Spain, there are very few national holidays; they celebrate on a more local basis (on Christmas, you can see people beating themselves with metal chains in some processions in Madrid). If one of these holidays falls in the middle of the week, Spanish students typically get a day or two to link the holiday to the weekend. End explanation.

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plainview said...

We're just...a hot sauce?