Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm From Virginia, Where Ain't Shit to do But Cook.

When The Clipse dropped Lord Willin' is 2002, I couldn't not listen to it. The beat for Grindin' is so simple, so sharp, so hard, and so fucking good to mix with. It's that song that makes everyone go crazy when it's dropped, be it at the club, at a house party, or in my bedroom when I'm messing around with my turntables (something I need to start doing more). I mean, with The Neptunes covering all of Clipse's production, they come correct with a huge advantage. But apart from The Neptunes involvement, Pusha T and Malice are two of the most talented rappers to put out records in a very long time.

Hell Hath No Fury came out in 2006 and much like Lord Willin', the cd did not leave the player (I'm all kinds of old school, records and cds, I know I know). It's such a complete hip hop album, and probably the best shit I've heard in a long time. I like Clipse better than anything Mr. Kanyeezy has dropped. It's not WHAT they're rapping about, it's how they do it. Lyrically, there aren't too many rappers out there that can even compare. They are grimey, they are raw, and they could never be a thug, they don't dress this well.

They are slated to drop a new album sometime this year called Till The Casket Drops. Neptunes aren't exclusive on production this time around, and they have enlisted the likes of Rick Rubin, P Dids, and some others. I'm anticipating some good shit, even though I'm slightly disappointed that they're not All Neptunes All The Time.

Anyway, the shirt says it all. Pusha T and Malice for President.


ikahn said...

going to go see clipse tonight.

Whaddup Ma said...

I too have an undying love for The Clipse, so much that I have a Clipse apron....