Thursday, October 11, 2007

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The name of my blog, "public witness program," comes from a Fugazi song. Before I talk about the song, I will begin by saying that Fugazi was one of those bands that I tried really hard to like when I was about 13 years old. Throughout high school, my favorite band was Minor Threat. I was known locally as Minor Threat Mel and made Minor Threat mixtapes for my friends in high school. It was only a matter of time before Fugazi became one of my favorites. Minor Threat was easily applicable to my high school lifestyle being that I was straight edge and didn't feel like I related to my peers. Their cookie cutter lifestyles of partying and shopping didn't interest me. I was into politics, international affairs and music.

As I became increasingly more active politically, Fugazi's albums became the soundtrack to my junior and senior year of high school. Their emotionally and politically driven songs spoke to me on a level that no other band, neither then nor now, seemed to reach. Fugazi was and is on this pedastal, from the way they manage their music, themselves, write their songs, and make themselves accessible to their public, I can easily say that Fugazi is my favorite band of all time, HANDS DOWN.

Thus, upon making this blog I decided to select "public witness program" as my blog title, the second track on Fugazi's third album. The song itself is fast-driven and punk. I love Ian's voice but Guy really murders the track. Also, I find the lyrics to be applicable to modern society, be it 1993 or 2007. Oftentimes, being a working contributor to society, I often feel like a public witness. I am on the outside of things, and in the same regard I am being watched, as we all are. The lyrics, as well as the song title, are multi-layered. Hence, the title of my blog.

The eyes have it and the eyes always will
The eyes have it and they're watching you still
Public witness charter - look out don't touch
Public witness says he's seeing too much
I like to walk around it
And i'm paid to stand around
Public witness seen it all


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:) Very well said. I was searching for the lyrics to Public Witness when I found your blog. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Last night I was DJ-ing in a wonderful little place over here, when I played this song to the public. It was pretty well received (especially the chorus). Well, this place plays great music. I enjoyed the lyrics to this song, and was very surprised with the words (I used to guess them every time I played it). I do agree that Guy murders the track. Fugazi is one of my all time favorite bands. If I ever become a law professor or guitar teacher, which could happen one day :/, I'll ask my students to read and listen to Fugazi's work. It's all very interesting, lots of layers to everything. In on the Kill Taker is my all time favorite album, HANDS DOWN. Having left the US over a year ago, I feel this track #2 relates/applies more and more in 2007-8 than it ever did in 93....I was visiting D.C. for the first last November and around all the sites, and all I could think of was this song. .... Well,I'm posting the words to another song I looked up today that I found interesting. I feel every fugazi lyric sounds better than it reads. Or mybe it's that their guitar sounds and rhythm section just compliment it so much:

"Recap Modotti"

Recap in taxi
No clothes no food
Take care of the children
We'll send for you soon
Alien you find you feel at home everywhere
You'll get by with so much less than anyone
Deceived entrapment through belief
Disclosure would decree
Accusations would be shed
Instead we stand over the dead
The vultures all well fed
Killer running free
Outside the window
The passing night sky fills with people I know
Taking me home

I love this song. I was looking it up while playing it on an acoustic guitar. Got the E minor chord to G and F right but it just doesn't sound like anything without Guy and Ian's guitars sliding in and out, and the groovy bass line. Well, anywys, THANK YOU so much for your wonderful blog. Peace