Monday, November 26, 2007

Streets is Watching

Swoon being interviewed by Wooster Collective in SWINDLE Magazine here.

Photo of Swoon near the Knitting Factory, Summer 2005

Also, Banksy will be having a New York City gallery show.I will update this with the rest of the pertinent info once I actually SEE a flyer for this. Or once I ask my boyfriend. Hopefully the former will happen first.


What: Bankrobber (London) in New York
Where: Vanina Holasek Gallery
502 West 27th Street (@ 10th Ave.)
When: December 2nd - 29th
Who: You know how.


Here's the link.

P.S. Thanks Nick!


Stephanie Palumbo said...

so cool!!! is there an opening reception? i wanna go.

Alberto said...
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Alberto said...

hola guapa como estas! me encanta Swoon que pena que no se deje caer por aqui!,,,